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Scott Cornwall Colour Restore is a salon quality range of temporary colours, uniquely formulated to enhance fading shades, or create natural to vibrant tones, whilst conditioning the hair.

Colour Restore Chrome is a pure silver toner for very light blonde, bleached, highlighted or natural grey and white hair.

Use for 20 minutes to create metallic blonde tones or as a two minute regular conditioner for chrome hues.


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In 2014 high-end hair fashion was moving towards a trend of Ultra-Colds. These were platinum foundations that had either a grey or silver overtone. As this trend ignited, I could see a hair colour pallet (now referred to as ‘metallic’) emerging and featuring silverised blondes and soft greys. For this reason, I created the Colour Restore Shade Chrome.

Certain trends in hair are reliant upon an ease of achievement from a high-street consumer. Whilst you may observe many celebrities in the public eye with a style or colour effect, a genuine trend (in hair fashion) cannot become mass unless there is a simplistic or realistic way a consumer could emulate this look, without needing the assistance of a hair professional. Silver, grey and metallic colours are simply overlay tones and shades designed for platinum blonde bases – that’s it! Because there had always been a platinum (block) blonde consumer base, it was clear that a huge potential following existed who could easily achieve these desired cool colour results.

Another key factor in cementing the Metallic trend, was the fact many consumers have not wanted warmth in their hair and sought colours that were the antithesis of this tone. Silver/Grey and Metallic represent high cool shades that had previously never been available, but which consumers had always sought. I understand how many consumers desired those super cold hair colours, but had trouble achieving them, simply because home hair colourants (at that time) leaned more towards shades of the warm toned rather than the cool.

For all the above reasons, it was evident Silver Blonde was going to hit the high street in 2015 as more and more people sought to achieve the shade. Therefore, Colour Restore Chrome was the first of the ‘metallic’ shades I chose to launch.

Chrome is a pure toner that is void of depth. This means it will only create a tonal colour on the hair it cannot darken (in the way Black Cherry, Caramel Chocolate, Red, etc. can).

When applied to neutral white/platinum hair, Chrome will produce a delicate ‘silver’ shade. Metallic shades (such as silver) can only ever be pantone associated and never true to descriptive, when applied to the principles of either hair colour or flat print colour. Metallic (in its true nature) is derived from metal and has a reflective element. Neither hair colour nor pantone colours are reflective. Therefore, to re-create any Metallic colour as a flat, it needs to be a composite of varying colours to give an impression of that original colour source. In the case of Chrome, it is formulated with a mixture of violet, ash and pink pigments. Due to the ash pigment present, the shade has a slight greyed undertone which reinforces a ‘Silver’ effect when applied to a totally pale white head of hair. This silver is refined via the pink undertone which balances with the ash tone.

For Chrome to display 100%, it needs to be applied onto a pre-lightened base that has no underlying yellow or warm tone. For this reason, I always recommend consumers use Chrome in conjunction with Iced Platinum. When the base shade is pure white, the hair will take on the Silver Metallic Chrome tone.

However, if Chrome is applied onto a warm or yellow lightened base, it will begin to act as a neutraliser. Therefore, all those ash, violet and pink colour molecules you need to display (to achieve the silver) are set to work counteracting the yellow or orange tones in the hair. In these instances, the individual perceives the product has not worked, as their hair becomes a neutral blonde as opposed to a silver.

Remember, Chrome is purely a tonal shade – and to create any Silver, Grey or Metallic effect the hair must firstly be void of warmth. So, use Iced Platinum first to create that pure white base, then follow with Chrome.

Chrome is the perfect shade to apply to standard white blonde/pale blonde hair to achieve that Daenerys Targaryen ‘Game of Thrones’ or Elsa from Frozen shade. Colour Restore Chrome has an Ethereal quality about its appearance, which makes a standard bleached blonde, appear elegant and refined. If the product is used as a regular 2-minute conditioner after each wash, the Metallic edge to the shade will intensify and appear more silverized.

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Hair colour looks no different after use?


Chrome must be applied to a non-warm, platinum white base to display. Chrome is an ethereal silver and very delicate. When applied to a pre-platinum base it will produce a true Chrome colour. However, if someone with darker hair or a great deal of yellow uses the product, it will either be unable to display or attempt to act as a neutraliser.

Another factor is whether you clarified before application. If the surface of the hair was covered in polymers and residues, Chrome would simply be unable to enter to evoke change. Generally, though, it has been my experience that if you already have platinum hair – the product takes well upon initial application. The problems with the shade arise when those with a darker base or warmth attempt to use the product expecting to achieve that silver white result. Remember, Chrome is a Metallic Tone not a depth shade.

Hair just looks blonde, not silver?


This is effectively, the same issue outlined above. When a result looks blonde rather than silver, it is indicating warmth was present in the hair prior to application. Therefore, Chrome has been unable to display as a cool tone, but instead had to function as a neutraliser to counteract those warm tones in the hair and can now only display as a blonde hue. To remedy this issue, use Iced Platinum on top of this newly applied Chrome shade. With this method, the Iced Platinum will attempt to neutralise the (underlying) warmth, and the Chrome pigment will then pop out and display as silver.

How often can I use?


Chrome can be used as often as you desire. If Chrome is used as a two-minute conditioner after use of a blue shampoo with every wash, the hair will begin displaying a high metallic tone. In fact, the more Chome is applied to the hair, the more the shade will become a solid silver, as opposed to a Metallic blush tone. Just remember, that Chrome can only display on white hair or pale lightened hair. Therefore, you must use either a blue shampoo or regularly apply Colour Restore Iced Platinum to the hair, to ensure Chrome is not fighting to neutralise any underlying yellow or brassy tones, which would prevent it displaying to full effect.

Can Chrome be used to maintain a silver shade?


If you already have a silver hair colour, then Chrome is a great product to use after every wash or two, to maintain your silver shade. Artificial permanent silver shades will tend to fade over washes. So, by using Colour Restore Chrome after every wash (or every other wash) you are introducing soft silver pigments back into the hair, making sure that whatever tone fades out is placed back in again.


Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Parfum (Fragrance), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Basic Blue 99, Basic Red 76.


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