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Scott Cornwall Protein Spray is specially formulated to protect weakened, dry and porous areas of hair prior to any colourant. It can also be used on very damaged hair as a regular post wash leave-in treatment to retain moisture and help prevent further damage.



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Protein spray was a product born when it became evident to me that many home colour consumers were finding their hair colours over depositing. Over depositing is an issue that occurs when a colourant is applied to either porous or very dry hair. Unlike instances where the cuticle is sealed shut (as explained with Precolour Clarifier), porous hair has a cuticle that is either damaged or has been permanently forced open by excessive chemical treatment or heat. Therefore, when an individual applies a colourant product to the hair, it is sucked directly into the cortex (the hair’s central area) and processes too fast. This phenomenon not only causes patchy and dark colour (over depositing), but also leads to serious damage of the hair fibres, because the chemicals applied have penetrated the hair too quickly.

Ammonia is a highly alkaline ingredient that is used in many permanent hair alteration treatments (lightening, colouring and perming). To evoke significant structural change to hair, it must be placed into an alkaline pH and the cuticle layer raised wide open. Ammonia can fulfil the function in technical hair treatments. This is particularly necessary with grey coverage (in colouring) and 7 level lightening (as found with bleaching). Similarly, perms and relaxing treatments will also process via high alkaline solutions. However, once hair has been treated with high alkaline solutions and the cuticle layer raised open to enable chemicals to bypass and evoke change, the cuticle can never fully close again. Depending on how far the cuticle raised in the first instance, or if indeed the alkaline solution destroyed it, the hair will become porous to varying degrees.

Similarly, constant exposure to heat (from appliances and particularly metal plated tools), will also cause damage to the cuticle layer and evoke porosity issues within the hair.

Regardless of external factors, some hair types can be naturally porous and absorb high levels of moisture and find condition levels naturally compromised. However, porosity caused by external factors such as chemicals and heat can be particularly problematic.
Porous hair will often gradually become more damaged and compromised, with small gaps forming within the hair proteins. Think of this damage like a sponge and consider how readily a sponge will accept moisture. When hair becomes sponge like, it will too readily pull in any chemicals or colour pigments applied, causing over depositing, patchy colour results and structure damage and breakage.

To ensure an even accurate colour on compromised hair types, the hair must be filled with protein. This protein not only fills any gaps in the hair (so think of the holes in that sponge), but also introduces a degree of moisture into the hair which will dilute the chemical somewhat upon its application.

Precolour Protein Spray uses Hydrolysed Wheat Protein and Argan Oil as the two actives which serve as the flooding catalyst. Therefore, when the Protein Spray is applied to hair, it will be drawn into the porous areas flooding the hair and then filling any gaps. Subsequently, when the colourant or chemical is the applied to the hair, the cortex (the hair’s centre) is buffered. This buffering causes the chemical or colourant to enter the hair in a controlled way and become somewhat diluted, thus preventing colour grabbing or damage.

Using Precolour Protein Spray prior to any aggressive chemical colour process (such as ammonia based grey coverage colourant or bleaching), will enable the hair to retain its quality whilst still producing a desired colour result. The use of Protein Spray is particularly beneficial for those who have block bleach hair colour and regularly undertake regrowth lightening, as the Protein Spray can protect previously bleached areas from snapping should the product overlap.

Additionally, Protein spray will help prevent direct dye fashion colours from irreversibly staining or toners from flushing from the hair to quickly following application.

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How often can I use?

Protein Spray is designed for use immediately prior to colouring when the hair is porous or has mixed texture. If the hair is very bleached, or particularly damaged, I would recommend a course of use. When Protein Spray is used within a course treatment, it should be applied after each shampoo and sprayed liberally through as a leave-in conditioner. You should do this until the hair condition feels generally improved and most importantly stronger. Once the hair is stronger, you should not use the product too often because it is unwise to over fill healthy hair with protein. Excessive protein will cause hair to harden and it could snap. Remember, Precolour Protein Spray is designed and recommended for use prior to any colouring or chemical treatment. It is also a very effective course treatment for hair that is very damaged or highly bleached. Those with relaxed or compromised Afro textures would also benefit from using the product regularly if their hair is feeling vulnerable.

Should I apply to the hair immediately before colouring?

Yes. Protein Spray must be used immediately prior to the colour application, as the hair needs to be dampened from the product. Very porous hair will suck in any moisture applied (e.g. colourants) and generally during the colouring process, this is the cause of any damage. However, if Protein Spray is applied to the hair first, the moisture from this product is pulled into the hair creating a buffer that fills gaps and vulnerable areas prior to the chemicals entering. In addition, it is important that very dry or damaged hair is somewhat damp as it enables colourants to go onto the hair smoothly and not over absorb in specific areas.

Should I use if conducting bleach re-growth?

Yes, you absolutely should. However, apply Protein Spray throughout the previously treated areas then wait 30 minutes before proceeding to the regrowth application with bleach. The reason I suggest waiting 30 minutes, is in instances where bleach regrowth is being undertaken, you do not want the hair too damp. You need a level of dryness as it prevents the bleach slipping onto previously lightened areas. Therefore, applying the Protein Spray throughout, combing and then allowing the protein to dry off a little will enable good precision (without slipping) when the bleach is applied to the dark regrowth areas.

Should I wash the spray out after application?

No. Protein Spray is a leave in treatment when used prior to colour application. When used in conjunction with colour it is very much needed in the hair (prior to colour application) to buffer and fill empty and porous areas.

I have used Protein Spray as a leave-in conditioner, but it has made my hair tangled and dry

When applied to clarified (neutral) hair, Protein Spray will make the hair soft and easy to comb. However, if you have applied the product and found the hair has become tangled and difficult to comb, it means there is a barrier on the hair surface that has prevented the proteins from entering. Instead, they are sitting along the outside of the hair shaft.

I suggest you review whatever conditioners or shampoos you are using on the hair and cleanse with a clear or clarifying shampoo before using Precolour Protein Spray again.


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